life of davo

This is a real grouse night OUT, AS MY MATE MERRIN PUT IT "A 100% FUN TIME". lots of magic and A BIT OF music and A LOT OF NONSENSE.

bogan theatre magic

"True originality in magic is a rare thing. To skillfully blend magic, music and comedy into an original theatrical production is rarer still. Dale Trueman has managed all of these with his new show, "The Life of Davo". The curtains open on our hapless hero, Davo, in his deceased grandfather's garage. What transpires in the next 50 minutes is pure comic genius, the likes of which I've rarely seen. It's wacky and wondrous, surprising and offbeat, with world class magic deftly woven throughout. But the best part is that it's a feel good, Cinderella story, with a happy ending." - Jay Scott Berry

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Crazy comedy and astonishing magic that will have you in stitches and awe.
It’s a 100% fun time you do not want to miss.
Life of Davo is a tall tale about a hapless beer guzzling loveable rogue on a hilarious magical journey through love and redemption. Part magic show, part theatre, part farce, it’s a tragicomic tale set in his grandfather’s shed which is full of incredible magic and barely believable stories. Story, song, magic and plenty of laughs collide to bring audiences a unique magical piece of theatre with plenty of bogan twists.

“This card sharp is a shark and his sleight of hand disarming.”Sydney Arts Guide

“Hopefully you’ve just launched a great career!”Shane Jacobson - Australia’s Got Talent

“What are we going to do with you?”Nicole Scherzinger - Australia’s Got Talent"

Congratulations on an extremely well crafted show. Really funny, a great arc, a romping fun journey and brilliant tricks! Well done!! “

“I knew you were talented…but you can also write, sing, play the guitar, act, do comedy and of course do magic!  What an entertaining show!  You were fantastic!”